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Last Night
the sexless city snow
obscene with soft, dream-colored lights
that stain the wet androgyny of steel
auroras over pavement tundras
like candy horses over glass mountains
or birds in filthy diamond cages
the opalescent pain of love
in every polished powder cloud
amber memory, cardboard star
secret, ornamental night
black prismatic of my empty heart
the guilty glamour of a storm
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Mature content
Unfinished :iconthecherrybombshell:thecherrybombshell 3 12
Blanket Girls
It was peppermint,
snowflake blonde hair spilling into gold
the foxlike amber of my skin
against her phosphorescent white.
She made me seasick with her bird-blue eyes
and stuck like cotton candy to my fingers.
Her name was "Phoenix",
and she scared me with her firecracker will.
It made my lungs into waterfalls
my thoughts and fingers butterflies.
My carbon-copy hair carnelian red
a solar flare, an Icarus, an imitation star.
We were virgins,
and volcanoes. Sharing milkbox wishes
on rooftops and climbing trees like horses
instead of tiger-mouthed boys.
We swallowed the citrus-colored summer
like gingerbread and lemonade.
:iconthecherrybombshell:thecherrybombshell 26 59
The beesting starts of summer rain
Drip prayer beads down my sun-stained skin
Under the warm green bath of sky
He holds me like a drink
Big bass-string fingers
Comb the seaside of my schoolgirl thighs
And sunlike leave me sandy-pink
The salty lexicon of storms
Wet-mouthed, my sailor sings his shanty
To the sunset's little death
:iconthecherrybombshell:thecherrybombshell 4 16
The Lovers by thecherrybombshell The Lovers :iconthecherrybombshell:thecherrybombshell 4 7 The Wizard by thecherrybombshell The Wizard :iconthecherrybombshell:thecherrybombshell 0 2 Little Girl in Silver Shoes by thecherrybombshell Little Girl in Silver Shoes :iconthecherrybombshell:thecherrybombshell 0 2
"Poetry about the snow"
That's what you think, my conceptual 'Romeo'?
Like a stage has been set for our abstract talk show,
We wander soaking our skin in the city's syrupy glow.
The splinters of streetlight were stitches on scars,
In this pavement garden, with porcelain stars -
My lips launched bullets so brilliantly bitter,
Your tongue tangled them gently in gold till they glittered.
"Poetry about the snow"
That's what he said, with his grin like an undertow.
And his voice like the ice melting much too slow,
On a night clinging close as the curves on a phantom pillow.
More heavy than honey this hunger for clarity,
In a combustible paradise, conflicting polarities -
You're not smooth with that smug little smirk on your lips,
But I'm feeling your philosophical flavor like flesh underneath fingertips.
"Poetry about the snow"
That's what I saw, between neon and indigo.
A mind and a mouth and a metaphysical flow,
That can match my verbal violence blow for blow.
Our chemistry copasetic; com
:iconthecherrybombshell:thecherrybombshell 5 12
All That Glitters by thecherrybombshell All That Glitters :iconthecherrybombshell:thecherrybombshell 3 5 Red Fox by thecherrybombshell Red Fox :iconthecherrybombshell:thecherrybombshell 2 4

Random Favourites

120706 senshi by bara-chan 120706 senshi :iconbara-chan:bara-chan 2,097 99 TFP Meme 2 by Fire-Redhead TFP Meme 2 :iconfire-redhead:Fire-Redhead 49 19
Forests Undone
naked, pliable, in the palm of my hands,
my little Peter Pan prince,
carrying flute music like satin-weave through the forest,
your cheekbones like the curve of a womans' back
in the middle of lovemaking star-rides.
little tiger, drinking out of a dewdrop
you devour me with that flame mouth
and you stalk through my heart
slashing leaves, leaving pawprints and lighting fires
destroy me with your beauty
i want to melt right into the stars
as long as im burning I don't care that im dying.
:iconzareen-b:zareen-b 1 2
The Drug Opera
As dusk dripped thick through a coffee filter brume, the edges of the sky blistered and curled in on themselves like a photograph aflame. The orphaned troupe Alamort marched - no, limped, dragged their fractured marionette legs over the macadamized road towards a sizzling neon sign, the vista bathed in its bright red panicked heartbeat. A plaque of hoary grout plugged the fossil veins of crack-toothed cobblestone, whispered salty scandal to their tattered shoes. Rainwater crept through seams in the jigsaw stone, trilling toward Canaan in days-long fingers of living mercury.
And they followed it, the five pairs of abandoned feet, walking the dew lines like liquid tight rope toward their aqueous juncture, to where the melted clouds converged in pulsating chrome puddles; at the grand and pompous feet of The Drug Opera.
Relic, Whimsy, Fustian, Antic, Sorry; kith ranging in years from seventeen to twenty-eight. They dissolved into a line, hand melding into hand like the grimy pearls
:iconentropicalia:entropicalia 89 34
Untitled Desire
I want to go within.
Without the ramblings of rumpled mattresses, without the clatter of the moonlight as it splashes, zigzag along my whitesheeted bed. I want to go deeper even than the softness of pillows. Deeper than the keys of memory or time. Deeper than light, straight into the heart of the darkness.
I want to go within.
I want every stripe of this silver-barred body. I want every rosebud in this garden, dripping dewdrops.
Call me a vandal, but I want to tear your beauty to shreds and have it fall, snowflake-light, melting, all over me.
I want to claw my way to your heart, you fool, when you ask me why I look at you as I do. Over the five-o-clock shadows on your cheeks, over the fences erected by your muscles when you lift me - higher!! - mid-sentence, to music. Over that smile that hides the sadness of a thousand happinesses remembered.
I want to climb over all these walls and make my way - like a thief in the night, - to the innermost part of your silent, sleeping heart. And th
:iconzareen-b:zareen-b 4 5
he dreams of scarlet girls and
eye kisses
he has rainbow philosophies and
purple tresses
little bohemian intellectual with
ketamine dreams
dancing in the red light of
blackberry fields
enchanted by his wave of
shimmy conversations
thoughts of metaphysical sex and
mental masturbations
i would touch his colors
to feel this spade
i would breathe but i fear
he might fade
:iconrebelex17:rebelex17 2 4
sleeping beauty by suzi9mm sleeping beauty :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 6,705 853 A Modern Day Goddess by HaLoTrAcTiOn A Modern Day Goddess :iconhalotraction:HaLoTrAcTiOn 209 26 St. Patricks Day by OfficialSerenaStar St. Patricks Day :iconofficialserenastar:OfficialSerenaStar 168 50 Jealousy by Doomsday-Dawn
Mature content
Jealousy :icondoomsday-dawn:Doomsday-Dawn 56 11
Four squared and below, born in a leap year
Surrounded by goldenrod and stringed shadows
That pluck away silently in the night
And etch away their surroundings piece by piece
Until all that's left is his broken romance
And a lie upon his cheek.
Elly, darling,
Where is your worldress?
Tell me, darling,
Where is my infared, where is my soldier,
Where is my monster, where is my truth?
Where are flashing white pieces of me
Gathered in elegant, dark places
And satiny shadows of yesterdays spent gathered
Inside myself, inside my last piece of this,
My music and life,
Where is my life inside the infared, beyond their radar,
Tucked inside the pearly pockets of boys with
Guitar picks smacked with tiny pit-pats between their lips
Strumming out the words of delusion I gather
Inside myself for the time being.
He is my last, my one out of four, my guilty pleasure,
My not-quite sorrow, my mystery novel, and everything else.
The blue interior of the things I wish for on red stars over swingsets,
:iconmilpalabras:milpalabras 4 25
Lush by mnoo Lush :iconmnoo:mnoo 2,451 539
You caught me like light in a watery jamjar
Spiralling lazy light reflections all over my skin and I
Sipped you in, sitting
Drenched now; soaked to my cells
Soaked to my stem in yellow
Who's to say I don't have a plantheart?
After all we're both ribbed and veined
One has indigo, other green
But look at the branching and we're nearly the same
You pound chlorophyll I pump blood
Don't think I'd mind very much being part of this landscape
I don't think I'd mind at all
Better than endless human endeavour, desirous fever
Reach out, reach out can't reach that far, reach out grasping, gasping
Reaching out everlasting and never quite having
Two steps forward and your feet fall off.
There's a tangled bird's nest being built round my brain
Constructed out of everything that's supposed to show you're sane
But none of these official letters, sticks and shopping lists,
Dates and grades and twigs,
None of it'll remain
It's ridiculous
How the blades of grass between my feet are cal
:iconcollideoscopic:collideOscopic 1 4


For every single barracuda smile.

Every apple that we didn't bite. All the dull exotic things I never had the chance to say. The way the ocean is louder at night, the glittering bones of the city, the taste of black cherries. For every paper star, and liquid street, suburban summer mattress shrine.

For hands like deep-sea divers through your hair.

The unknown red interior of you, the foreign countries of your thoughts. For every back of matchbook message, every finger tracing up my thighs, and for our messy blacklit mouths. All the casual knives of conversation, the snow like stained glass underneath the sky.

For illuminated cities half-submerged.

Every exquisite impulse and grass-scented infidelity. For my heart like glass, like coal, like diamond. The bodies that they put between us. For the hand grenade of lust and the ugly gardens of regret. For your eyes like earthquakes, like cigarettes, like disaster.

For every dark-haired, blue-eyed boy.
  • Listening to: Radiohead - "Street Spirit (Fade Out)"
  • Reading: "Poetry and Purgatory" by Buddy Giovinaz


Carol Cummons
United States
Current Residence: Columbus, Ohio
Personal Quote: "Comb the seaside of my schoolgirl thighs"


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